Access Pipe for Stack

Access Pipe for Stack

HDPE Drainage Pipe

Used for Soil&Waste Discharge, Syphonic Drainage

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The access pipe for stack has accessories for opening the inspection cover, and is installed on the drainage riser and the longer horizontal pipe section for inspection and clearing.

The access pipe for stack is generally installed in the riser, and is used for clearing the outer when the riser and the transverse branch are connected. The spacing between the access pipe for stacks on the cast iron drainage riser is not more than 10m, and the plastic drainage riser should be provided with an access pipe for stack every six floors. However, at the lowest level and at the highest level of two or more buildings with sanitary fittings, an access pipe for stack must be provided, and the flat roof building can be replaced with a vent. In addition, if the riser is equipped with a B-pipe, an access pipe for stack should be provided on the upper part of the B-pipe. When the pipe section of the drainage cross pipe exceeds the specified length, an access pipe for stack shall also be provided. On the horizontal cross-pipe of the water flow deflection angle greater than 45°, an access pipe for stack or a cleaning port shall be provided. The inspection opening on the riser shall be 1.0m above the ground (floor) and above 0.15m above the upper edge of the sanitary ware.

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K k1 k2 k3 k4
10.09.50 50.0 140.2 53.0 40.0 83.9 76.7
10.09.75 75.0 164.3 52.0 39.0 98.6 96.0
10.09.90 90.0 194.6 56.0 42.0 98.6 108.6
10.09.110 110.0 219.0 60.0 47.0 113.5 110.0
10.09.125 125.0 242.8 60.0 47.0 146.2 115.0
10.09.160 160.0 236.3 74.0 60.0 138.2 136.4
10.09.200 200.0 258.0 88.0 70.0 146.6 157.0