Roof Outlet

Roof Outlet

HDPE Drainage Pipe

Used for Soil&Waste Discharge, Syphonic Drainage

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The roof outlet belongs to the branch of the metal water system, which is located at the entrance of the roof rainwater from the gutter into the rainwater pipeline. The rainwater bucket has a rectifying grid device, which can quickly eliminate the roof rainwater. The grille has a rectifying effect, avoiding the formation of excessive vortices, stabilizing the water level in front of the bucket, reducing aeration and quickly eliminating roof rainwater and snow water, and effectively blocking large miscellaneous object.

The syphonic roof outlet is made of: syphonic roof outlet chassis, stamped from high quality 304 stainless steel. The pressure ring and shroud are die cast from hard aluminum alloy and zinc alloy. With corrosion resistance, anti-extrusion and other characteristics. The syphonic roof outlet has a strong anti-vortex function, which can prevent the air from entering the whole system through the water flow at the inlet of the rainwater bucket, and when the water level rises to a certain extent before the bucket, the water seal completely blocks the air from entering. Allow the rain to immerse the drain smoothly into the drain. The syphonic roof outlet minimizes the depth of the gutter, minimizing the rain load on the roof and increasing the rated flow of the roof outlet.


The metal water system built by the roof outlet, the gutter and the downpipe group is decorative and practical.

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Product Specifications

Article No d1/d2 K k1 k2 k3 D1 D2
11.01.56 56.0 163.0 56.0 202.0 195.0 211.0 221.0
11.01.75 75.0 164.0 56.0 202.0 195.0 211.0 221.0
11.01.90 90.0 164.0 56.0 202.0 195.0 211.0 221.0
11.01.110 110.0 165.0 56.0 202.0 195.0 211.0 221.0
11.01.125 125.0 168.0 56.0 202.0 195.0 211.0 221.0