Rain bucket installation process

  • Update:08-12-2016
  • Abst:Rain water bucket installation process: brush anti-rust layer installation → find line positioning → installation → fixed → brush paint.



    Material preparation


    Round nails, welding rods, solder, dilute hydrochloric acid, cement, etc.


    Main Tools 


    Electric welding machine, electric iron, wooden hammer, steel tweezers, steel needles, square steel, screwdriver, marking gauge.


    Job conditions


    1. The roof leveling construction has been completed and passed the inspection and acceptance.


    2. There must be a protective fence for the construction and installation of the roof to ensure the safety of the installation of the water drop.


    Operational Process


    1, process flow:


    Brush rust layer installation & mdash; & rarr; find line positioning & mdash; & rarr; installation & mdash; & rarr; fixed & mdash; & rarr; brush paint.


    Rain bucket installation


    1) Find the installation location:


    According to the design location and requirements, when the structure is constructed, the water outlet hole is reserved, and the rainwater bucket of the water outlet should be popped before installation.


    The center line of the bucket, find the elevation, and use the cement mortar to stabilize the rainwater bucket, insert it with fine stone concrete, and fill it tightly.


    2) Brushing: The rainwater bucket installation [3] is completed, and the topcoat required for the surface brush design is covered with the rainwater pipe.


    Quality Standards


    1. The variety and specifications of the rainwater bucket must meet the requirements and have a factory certificate.


    2. The installation of rainwater bucket and deformation joint must be firm, the firm method and spacing should meet the requirements of the specification, and the drainage should be smooth and watertight.


    3. The elevation of the rainwater bucket should be consistent. The surface of the rainwater bucket wall should be in a straight line.

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