Siphon rainwater bucket principle and maintenance

  • Update:18-10-2016
  • Abst:The siphon rainwater bucket can minimize the depth of the gutter inlet, minimize the rain load on the roof, and at the same time make the outlet of the rainwater bucket obtain a large submerged depth, eliminating the seepage during working at the design flow rate. The gas phenomenon increases the rated flow of the rain bucket.
    The siphon rainwater bucket is available in a variety of sizes to meet the actual needs of the project. The material is stainless steel. During the rainfall process, the roof rainwater falls into the deep bucket through the inlet grille, and the fairing with the pores in the bucket causes the rainwater in the vortex state to smoothly flow out into the drain pipe by flooding the discharge. Siphon Rain Bucket minimizes the influent depth of the gutter, minimizing the rain load on the roof, and at the same time allowing the outlet of the rainwater bucket to obtain a large submerged depth, eliminating the need to work under design flow The outgassing phenomenon at the time increases the rated flow rate of the rainwater bucket.
    Maintenance of the rain bucket: To ensure good drainage of the siphon system, the rain bucket should be regularly maintained. Mainly to remove leaves, garbage or other debris, so as not to clear the drain. In addition, during maintenance, open the grille and clean the inside of the rain bucket.
    maintenance cycle can be based on local conditions.
    PE pipe fittings
    Black PE pipe is UV resistant, resistant to aging and has a service life of up to 50 years.
    The inner wall is smooth and does not change with the use time. The frictional resistance is small, energy is saved, and the pressure loss is about 30% smaller than that of the steel pipe. The smaller diameter than the steel pipe can be selected. Good hygienic performance, no additives, no possibility of polluting drinking water, ISO standard graded polyethylene material is grade 0 (lowest grade), no moldy material, compared with other common plastic materials, the mold resistance of polyethylene It should be much higher, and it will not be fouled for long-term use.
    Polyethylene pipe can be welded, and the joint is integrated with the pipe. There is no possibility of joint leakage, which is conducive to water saving, reducing operating costs and inspection and maintenance costs. The pipe can be manufactured to any length and can be flexibly arranged to save pipe fittings.
    PE pipe installations can be welded or electrofused to form a fully enclosed anti-seepage system.
    is important and light, easy to install, handle, and connect, and the construction is convenient and reliable.
    has good flexibility, small tubes can be wound, pipes can be along the gully, can resist geological changes in the formation, and can be used as a liner to repair old pipelines.
    It has good low temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and long service life. The buried pipeline is in the range of -40— 40 °C.

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