Concealed cistern and accessories for same floor drainage

  • Update:17-08-2018
  • Abst:>> A.Slim concealed cistern, saving space>> B.200,000 times service life for parts>> C.High strength, resistance to squeeze>> D.Resistance to impact,No leaka

    >>  A.Slim concealed cistern, saving space
    >>  B.200,000 times service life for parts
    >>  C.High strength, resistance to squeeze
    >>  D.Resistance to impact,No leakage
    >>  E.Resistance to corrosion, passed 200 hrs of Salt Spray Test
    >>  F.Easy maintainence: open the cover to maintain
    >>  .Long service time, saving water
    >>  H.High Flush water speed:2-2.6L/s
    >>  I.Safe and reliable: comply with related standard
    >>  J.Various the panels for cisterns

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