Hdpe drain pipe hot melt connection introduction

  • Update:08-03-2017
  • Abst:Hdpe drain pipe hot melt connection
    Hdpe drain installation requirements:
    1. Before the construction, the secondary appearance inspection of the pipe and pipe fittings shall be carried out, and any problems may not be used.
    2. Due to its light weight, it can be moved manually during the installation process. Generally, it is not necessary to use machinery. Therefore, when it is placed in the groove, it must not collide with the groove wall and the bottom of the groove.
    3. When installing the valve and fittings of the flange interface, measures should be taken to prevent the external tensile stress. For valves with a diameter greater than 100mm, brick piers should be provided.
    4. When the hdpe drain pipe crosses obstacles such as railways and highways, a casing should be provided to protect the pipe.
    5. When the pipeline installation and laying work is interrupted, the cork or other cover plug is used to close the nozzle to prevent debris from entering the pipeline.
    6. When welding the pipe fittings, the heating head matched with the size of the welded pipe should be assembled on the welding machine, connect the power supply, wait for the heating head to reach the optimum temperature of 260 °C, and insert the pipe and pipe fitting into the fusion splicer. After heating according to the specified time, after the heating is completed, the pipe and the pipe fittings are taken out and immediately connected. When the pipe and the pipe fitting are connected, if the two positions are not correct, a small amount of adjustment can be made within a certain time, but the twist angle should not exceed 5 degrees.
    Several issues to be aware of:
    1. When laying pipes, try to avoid crossing the corrosion and polluting pipeline sections.
    2. Prevent the pipeline from floating when the rainy season or high groundwater level is applied.
    3. The trench backfill should be layered and tamped. If the pipeline crosses the road, in order to avoid crushing the pipe body, the coarse sand can be backfilled at the top of the pipe.
    4. The pipe has good toughness and softness. When installing, it is necessary to make full use of this point for laying. Generally, the buried radius R of the large-diameter pipe should be greater than 30D, but the pipe, valve and water meter should not be installed in the bent part. And other accessories.
    5. During the construction process, the welded joints of the pipe and the pipe fittings should be cleaned in time to avoid the hot-melt bonding caused by contact with water, sand, dust, etc., and the hot melt depth is marked on the pipe by a pencil.
    6. Like other plastic tubes, hdpe drains should be protected from direct UV radiation.

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